mandag 16. mai 2011


I'm making two pillows for sale at MAS. MAS is the place where I attend quilt class once a week. Every November we have 4 days of open house where we sell stuff we have made to raise money to run the place.

MAS is an haven for ppl who like crafts. In addition to teaching quilting they also teach weaving, painting, porcelain paintings, felting and cloth making. It's open monday - friday 10am-2pm. I go once a week.

The two pillows will be 22"/56cm x 22"/56 cm. I'm making all four panels for the two pillows at the same time using mainly fat quarters. The fabric I'm using is all Asiasan style

lørdag 7. mai 2011


I'm finally done with quilting my blue and white table cloth. The quilting was an ordeal, every time I thought I was done I found a seam I had not quilted over. The name of the project is "Delft Basket" by Kaffe Fassett. I have quilted over every single seam with a double needle. As "homework" I have taken the table cloth home to fasten all the threads. The size of the table cloth is approximately 150cm/29" x 150cm/59". I have used different blue and white fabrics only on this project

torsdag 17. mars 2011

Operation UFO

Back in November last year I made the desicion not to start any new major projects until I had finished all my UFOs. The first UFO I started on was one that has been weighing heavy on my heart. It was an Kaffe Fassett tablecloth I started on in September 2009 when I was lucky enough to attend a work-shop with Kaffe Fassett and his partner Brandon Mably. Both Kaffe and Brandon was so nice and easliy approachable and the work-shop was such a learning process for me. I decided to make the project I started on at the work-shop into a tablecloth because of the sheer size of it. It's 166cm/65" x 250cm/98" and I have just table for it. It will look great with my white and silver china and sterling silver cutlery.

My second UFO is also a Kaffe Fassett project and this too I decided to make into a table cloth. The pattern is "Delft Basket" the size on this project is 155cm/61" x 155cm/61" I spinned the "baskets" around instead of placing them as constructed in the pattern. I used blue and white fabric only on this project. It will look great on my terrace in the summer.

I'm already working on UFO # 3. It's a comforter, no pictures yet

fredag 4. februar 2011

Winter in Oslo

It's winter here in Oslo. My dog Lucy still does one of her favorite things: sitting outside on my terrace in "her" chair and looking at the city. I'm lucky enough to have a faboulous view of the city.

I'm currently working on my UFOs in my quilt class. It's fun to see how good the finished products turn out. One of my UFOs is a big loud table cloth I started when I attended a work shop with Kaffe Fassett and his partner Brandon Mably. I took it home with me after quilt class to fasten all the treads. I'm taking it back to my quilt class next time to press it. In quilt class we have a 4 bar steam machine. Much better than my regular iron.

I'll post more quilt pics soon

mandag 13. desember 2010

Cellphone covers

I bought a new cell phone a while back. One of those androids with a big touch screen. I realized I needed a cover to protect the screen so I sew one, then I got the bug and now I have made plenty of them. I had a lot of Asia inspired FQ and some fleece scraps.

Out of 1 FQ I get 4 cellphone covers:
  1. First I cut 4 5,5 cm/ 2 1/4 inch strips on the long end, use this as binding
  2. the large pieces you have left quilt it together with fleece, and cut it into 4 pieces
  3. round off one side, and but binding on the other end
  4. stitch the binding on the back side, baste stitch to the front before sewing it togheter on the front side
  5. put a snap lock/pushbutton to close it
Have fun. You can also make eyeglass casings this way.

mandag 6. september 2010


I bought these beautiful fabrics in a quilt shop outside Detroit on my resent visit to the US. I have already started sewing a Kaffe Fassett quilt using these fabrics

tirsdag 10. august 2010


I had a great time visiting friends in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and rounded up the trip with a 4 day trip to NYC where Margarette and I stayed at the infamous Chelsea Hotel. In Chicago Bob, Margarette and I went to visit Mark and Erin in their new apartement. They live in one of those tall narrow houses in Chigago. On our way back to Detroit we vistid a beautiful little village in Michigan called Saugatuck. In Cleveland we visted Margarettes brother, his wife and their daughter Maddie. We went to see Maddies summer school play. We stayed the night at Margarettes mother Mary. She was just as spunky as ever. Back in Detroit Margarette took me to a quilt store in Berkley outside Detroit. THIS WAS MY FIRST VISIT EVER TO A QUILT STORE!!! It was a little corner of heaven and I bought some fabrics. We went to see a Detroit Tigers baseball game. As always it was faboulus!! I love live baseball. Bob and Margarettes house in a quiet little city right outside Detroit is just like being out in the country side. We saw deers with fawns every single day. Margarette and I went to New York City for a 4 day trip. We packed the days with all kinds of activities. We got to see and do so much. We went to see the play "Jersey Boys" about the group The Four Seasons. We had a faboulous time and stayed at the infamous Chelsea Hotel. We rented bikes and went all over Central Park, and ate food from different countries at every meal. I also got had time to visit The City Quilter and bought lots of Kona Bay fabrics and other beautiful quilt fabrics